Bars and Furniture

A good event has to have a great setup. Luckily, we have several different types of bars and furniture choices to take placemaking to a whole new level. We have the furniture to fit the look and feel of any event. Scroll down to see some of the highlights of our collection, and get ready to pose for that photo op.

A wooden bar at a wedding venue.
A wooden bar at an outdoor wedding reception.
Tin cans holding beverages on a wooden table.
A wooden bar seated in the corner of the wedding reception dining area.
A table linked with china glassware at a reception.
Empty white wicker chairs placed on a patio at an outdoor wedding reception.
A Guest Book and Gifts box sitting on a table at an outdoor wedding reception.
A wooden cross sitting on top of an altar in front of a church.
A wooden cabinet with the wedding cake and other assorted treats.
A bridge and the groom seated at a table with drinks smiling at each other.
Olives, oranges, and other fruits sitting in glasses for drinks.

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