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Graduation Ideas - 2023

Grad - Tents, Staked, Grass

  • Tents - Canopy or Rope & Pole tents need to be staked all the way around the tent according to manufacturer instructions. Every stake needed for this tent, has to be staked to keep the center poles centered and standing straight up.
  • In Short - this tent is staked in the ground all the way around the tent, there is no exceptions.

Please enter the desired quantities for the items in this package:

Tent, Canopy, 16x16, White *GRASS ONLY* $150.00
Tent, Canopy, 20x20, White *GRASS ONLY* $200.00
Tent, Canopy, 20x30, White *GRASS ONLY* $230.00
Tent, Canopy, 20x40, White *GRASS ONLY* $260.00
Tent Setup Labor 16x16
Tent Setup Labor 20x20
Tent Setup Labor 20x30
Tent Setup Labor 20x40