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You’ve got something to celebrate. Now it’s time to start planning. Fortunately for you, we’re ready to help you flesh out the details to create an event no one will ever forget. First step: get in touch with our team. We can’t wait to take you through our proven process.

1. Get in Touch

To get things going, fill out our inquiry form and see how we can help. Start with providing the details of your event so we can get you a proper quote and present the best possible options for the type of setting you’re after.

2. Let's Talk

Before we start the heavy lifting (literally), let’s walk through all the details. Our team will make sure none of the logistics get overlooked. Not sure what size tent to get? We’ll send the team to ensure everything fits just right. Never hosted an event before? We’ll make sure you have everything you need.

3. Save The Date

Now that we’ve dazzled you with options, let’s get that contract signed, sealed, and delivered. We’ll reserve your date in our calendar and put things into motion. And don’t worry, you can still change the little details even after you submit your deposit. After all, we’re in the event industry—we know things change!

4. Open Communication

Some events take a week to plan, and some take months or years. Our line is always open for questions. If we don’t hear from you, you’ll still hear from us. Situations change, and we want to make sure we’re delivering the best possible experience, even if your plans evolve over time.

5. Finalize the Details

Guest count, floor plans, color schemes, vendors, day-of contracts, a last-minute “uh-oh”…yeah, there’s a lot to take in. While we got the details ahead of time, we’re going to double check to make sure everything is in the right place. Things are getting exciting!

6. Showtime

All that hard planning is about to pay off! Our team will be on-site to set up and make sure you have everything you need. Now it’s your turn to go have some fun! We can handle the rest.

If you want the full treatment, check out our white glove service.

Ready to get started?

Time to make some memories! Fill out the inquiry form below to get in touch. We’ll follow up with any necessary details to start creating the event you deserve. Click the button below to get in touch.