White Glove and Setup


You have enough on your mind when your event rolls around. We can handle the logistics. Our team will join you on the day of your event to make sure your space is looking pristine. Leave it to the experts, so you can focus on everything else.


Most of our competitors love to rent out equipment and then leave the client to set it up. That means family members or event planners are expected to create a beautiful space, all while dealing with all of the rest of the stress that comes with hosting an event.

Save yourself the time and the emotional strain. Our White Glove team will handle all day-of setup, including draping, linens, catering, and more. We’ll perfectly lay linens on your tables, fold all of your napkins, set up tablescapes, and more. Let us handle the small details.


No matter what your vision is for your event, we can help you bring it to life. Let our team of experts walk through every step of the process with you so you have peace of mind when the big day comes.

Click the button below to get in touch with us. We’ll meet with you, learn all about your event, and set you on the path to creating a memorable day for both guests and hosts alike.

An Alpine employee tying together curtains.

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